Pet Bandana - Mowgli
Pet Bandana - Mowgli
Pet Bandana - Mowgli
Pet Bandana - Mowgli

Pet Bandana - Mowgli

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What size bandana should I get for my pup?

  • XS [Extra Small] will be great on cats and tiny puppies/mini breeds. The XS bandana is a tailored bandana, with less fabric than our S - XL bandanas.
    Neck Size 7" - 10"
    Neck Size 17cm - 25cm

  • [Small] fits both cats, puppies & smaller dogs too.
    Neck Size 8" - 12"
    Neck Size 20cm - 30cm

  • [Medium] is a good option if you are not sure if your dog is small or not - oversize bandanas look best on smaller dogs! Medium is perfect for Frenchies, Pugs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, rescue Mix Breed pups, and smaller Doodles.
    Neck Size 12" - 15"
    Neck Size 30cm - 38cm

  • [Large] is for bigger dogs like Labradors or larger Doodles. This is the size bandana I prefer for my mix - breed dog Scout, I like the slightly larger look on bandanas with a fuller bandana and longer tie!
    Neck Size 15" - 17"
    Neck Size 38cm - 42cm

  • XL [Extra large] is for German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers & other BIG dogs!
    Neck Size 17" - 23"
    Neck Size 42cm - 58cm

If you are unsure about the size you need, we always recommend going up a size, oversize bandanas look so cute!